Why become a Certifying Crane Surveyor (CCS)?

A few States and Municipalities already require tested and licensed crane surveyors. These same Government Agencies crane to realize that in order to decrease the accident rates, they needed well-trained crane surveyors inspecting the equipment. When these programs were implemented they did in fact decrease the accident rate. Another benefit was derived in the industry in that the reliability of the equipment increased. Why did this happen? It happened because it put more qualified crane surveyors in the industry.

The crane owner realized a safer operation and lowered their long-term operating costs. Except for these few Government Agencies, there are no licensing or certification requirements for crane surveyors in construction or general industry. In other words, the crane owner has to put all their trust in the crane inspector and hope they are knowledgeable and qualified to inspect or test the equipment.

The Crane Certification Association of America (CCAA) does not want to wait for a catastrophic accident to happen. We have developed tests and study guides along with the requirements related to the structural, mechanical, and electrical questions concerning Tower Cranes, Mobile Cranes, and Overhead Cranes. Successfully passing these tests demonstrates that the individual has the required knowledge to become a Certifying Crane Surveyor (CCS).

Benefits in becoming a Certifying Crane Surveyor


This is the most important aspect of becoming a CCS. Your customers will know that you or your employees have been tested and are qualified to test and inspect their equipment.


CCAA has educational conferences each year to keep surveyors up to date on manufacturer improvements and code and standard changes.


You or your employees will be provided with a certificate that states you have demonstrated, by meeting the qualifications and completing the required testing, that you have the required knowledge to inspect and test their devices. CCAA has raised the bar and is challenging you to become all you can be and contribute to creating a safer workplace environment. For those of you who have not yet taken the test to become a Certifying Crane Surveyor (CCS), we urge you to consider putting forth the effort to do so.

Certifying Crane Surveyor Requirements
  1. Review of CCAA application by CCS Committee
  2. Employed in the crane inspection activities
  3. Letter of recommendation on CCAA form from 3 business associates
  4. 3 years or 2000 hours or survey experience
  5. Good Standing as a CCAA member
Certifying Specialties
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